«Сollecting Coins»


In the world there are many interesting activities and hobbies. I like to collect coins which is the collecting of coins or other forms of minted legal tender. Collections include the former in circulation for a long time, minted with errors, especially beautiful or historically valuable items. Coin collecting is now often referred to as the "King of Hobbies".
At the moment I have collected a considerable part of the coins of the Soviet era and Yeltsin's Russia. My hobby helps me understand historical processes better and know the precise chronology of historical events. In addition, I’m going to work in school, so coins which I have collected will be visual aids for children. It will be interesting for them to learn history.
So, let’s look at my collection. In the first slide there are some coins of Stalin period which is characterized by massive industrialization and internal struggles as Joseph Stalin established near total control over Soviet society. Next slide depicts the coins under Nikita Khrushchev who was at the beginning of the thaw. This period was marked by improvement of people’s life, but the persecution and killings of workers in Novocherkask took place.
The following slide shows the coins of the era of stagnation. Growth of heavy industry was accompanied by militarization and alcohol abuse of population of the USSR.
The next period was the restructuring which was called Perestroika in Russia. That was the time of the democratization of life and the sharp deterioration in the economy.
The latest coins that I have are from the 90s. That was the period of democracy, the market and the Chechen wars.
So, as you can see my coins collection is not very big, but precious for me as the future historian. It will help me and my pupils know the historical process, it advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it broadens my mind and suggests a new way to my self-improvement.








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