My hobbies, my creativity, my way to self-improvement


The project, we participate in called "My passion, my work,my way to self-improvement." We, Alexander Shevtsov and Julia Filatova, are the first-year students of the Faculty of Music, the Institute of Art Education. The main passion of our life is muic. We see ourselves as creative people, because our work is primarily spiritual pleasure. We write music, not just teach it. 

In turn, recently Julia has been interested in neuroscience, she likes it a lot. And we decided to consider in details everything what happens in our brain while composing misic in our project. Why does our memory improve hanks to the music and learning foreign languages? 

Creativity is the creation of something new, smart, not only for an individual, but also for other people. Creativity is a means of communication with the world, it opens the soul, through the creative activity a man is trying to find himself. 

When we listen to music, the brain reacts to it by activations of several regions outside the auditory cortex, including those participating in other forms of mental activity. When music is played with the usage of any musical instruments, the activity of  the motor cortex,  cerebellum and other brain structures that take part in the planning and implementation of verified movement icreases.

Often, when Sasha composes muic he mentally went back to some points in his lives. He uses the events of his life as inspiration for writing music. 

Thanks to musical creativity our memory develops and activates, its volume increases, improving its properties.

Like music, if the language is a constant practice, it also affects memory as knowledge of foreign languages develops associative thinking, improves communication skills. Learning foreign languages is necessary not only because it is useful for travelling to different corners of the world, but because it expands our world and broadens of our mind. 

Any training changes the brain.And when the brain learns, it increases in the number of neural connections, the effectiveness of gray and white matter increases. So on matter what the brain takes, if it solves the simplest crossword puzzles, learns languages or composes pieces of music, it is improved! 

Learning foreign languages influences the breadth of thinking, while writing music affects ones imagination and mental activity. 

To sum up, we would like to say that with the help of foreign languages skills, we are more deeply immersed in our hobby-composing, impress our inner world in the pieces of music. Our hobby is not only passion, but also our profession in the future and the way to self-improvement and self-realization. And we proud of it!






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