Self-education is my way to professional skills

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Волгоградский государственно педагогический университет.

Руководитель: Покусаева Т.Н
Автор: Майнина В.А

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"Self-education is my way to professional skills"

Hobby is a way to spend our free time and entertain ourselves for pleasure. As for me I enjoy handicraft most of all. The range of handicrafts is limited only by an individual’s imagination and ability. One of my favourite hobbies is to make various hand-made crafts from paper: origami, quilling and scrapbooking. But what attracts me in it?! And why paper? Doing a hand-made craft myself I can express myself and put in a part of love into each thing. They say, the best rest is changing the activity. When I do the hand-made articles I can relax, calm down and get pleasure from the process. Most of all I like to create a model(a craft) in mind and then to think what steps I should follow to make this thing real. Generally, everything I create is made for myself. But sometimes I do cards as a present for my relatives and my friends. It is always very pleasant to receive such hand-made gifts. After all, why do I choose hand-made crafts from the paper? Nowadays it is possible to find various kinds of paper of different colours and thickness in the shops. Besides, there are a lot of ornamental scissors and punchers there, too. It is possible to make everything you want from the paper. That is only the first step of my self-education on the way to professional skills.


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