Роль английского языка в жизни людей

Информация об авторах:

Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение

высшего профессионального образования

"Волгоградский государственный социально-педагогический университет"


 Руководитель: Матвиенко Людмила Михайловна

 Автор: Захаров Кирилл Владимирович

студент 1-го курса Факультета "Истории и права".


Эссе или доклад на выбранную тему на иностранном языке:

The role of English in people's life.

Once one clever man says that foreign languages advance you on new level of your life. And i completely agree with it. Today if you speak any foreign language you have a big advantage over people who do not speak one of those. You can get better job. You can do online shopping wherever you are. You can be free of language boarder. Finally you can enjoy your life! 

I want to show a huge use from English on example of Sochi 2014 Olympic games. My father and me went to Sochi only with couple of tickets on Hockey competition and biathlon stadium. And we thought that these two events would be enough for us. But we absolutely wrong. So on the third day of Olympics we decided to go to Short-Track competition. Because i think it was the only opportunity to go to the competition of this kind of sport. But all tickets were bought. And I had to ask extra tickets. Russian spectators did not help us and I decided to try with Netherlanders. And I did it! I could get extra tickets! And we over paid not too much. The next using from English i felt when father's friend decided to change his pin for Canadian pin and i help him. Further more i told with Canadian guy in one of official sponsor's pavillion. I was interested in his opinion about our Olympic Games and he told me that Olympics has been organized very cool. After our conversation i met another canadian woman who said to me that i told with Olympic champion Alexandre Bilodeau! I was exited! On the last day of out trip to Sochi we went to Biathlon Stadium. We had to go there by cableway. And we sat in one train with Germans. They also said that our Olympic Games were the best Winter games ever.

After closing of Olympic games i read Twitter and when i saw English commentary such as "I want to live in Russia" or " Russia has the greatest history" I was proud of my country.

So knowing English is a vey useful thing. I could meet Olympic Champion and watched very interesting competition thanks to it. And if i did not speak English i could miss a lot of impressions of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games!


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