Dance and live!

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Hello, my name is Nastya Shikunova. I am twelve. I am from Russia, from Volgograd. I am a student of the 6th form. I study at the gymnasium № 6.

    I have got a hobby. I love dancing. I have danced since my early childhood. My mother introduced me to the world of dancing. That time oriental dance was the most popular. I was almost immersed into the mystery of the East. I studied the language of gestures and motions. My mother sewed me amazing costumes for dances. I took part in different festivals and concerts of my area and the city. I liked it very much. I liked the audience and enjoyed the filling of success. When I became older my repertoire got larger. That time I got interested in different Russian folk dances.

     Once I was at a school concert and I saw the performance of the dancing team «Kalinka». I was amazed by their dancing, their colorful costumes, beautiful motions and interesting dances. I had a strong desire to join this team. But what a disappointment I had when I new that they didn’t have vacancies. But I didn’t give up. My main goal was to stay fit.  I trained  a lot and  completely immersed into the world of Russian folk dance. I was glad to perform as a mushroom or a gypsy girl. Finally I had my luck. I got a place at the main team. Now I have the opportunity to perform with this friendly team at the local events.

     My life has completely changed since I started dancing professionally. Through the dance I have learnt a lot about traditions and history of Russian people. Dancing has made me more disciplined. My family has noticed that I have become more organized, accurate and responsible. I get happiness, enjoyment and inspiration from dancing. I have got a lot of friends. I always know how to behave at school parties and I am always happy and easygoing. I am not afraid of facing difficulties because I like to overcome them. My motto is “Dance to live!”. 

My ambition now is to perform with my dancing team at the stages of different cities of our country and abroad. I believe my dream will come true.





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