Photography is my passion.

Информация об авторах:

  • Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение гимназия № 6 Красноармейского района Волгограда

  • Гуськова Любовь Михайловна (руководитель)

  • Глодинец Дарья Юрьевна (автор)

  • 11 класс


Эссе или доклад на выбранную тему на иностранном языке:

To take photos is my hobby but I think that it is more than an average hobby for me. To become  such a photographer as I am now was a long and difficult way. I started studying photography four years ago. I studied the art of photography on my own: by watching the Internet video tutorials, by reading some special books and by taking advices from professional photographers. I applied received theoretical information practically. Each time my photos were getting better. But as the saying goes “There’s no limit to perfection”. I like to photograph people, to see their various emotions and characters. Training and self-education are the integral part of  life. They are life itself for the people wishing to make it better.


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