Мое увлечение, мое творчество-мой путь к самосовершенствованию.

Информация об авторах:

Муниципальное казенное общеобразовательное учреждение

Березовская средняя школа

Новоаннинского района Волгоградской области


ФИО руководителя: Костина Людмила Геннадьевна

ФИО автора конкурсной работы: Чеботарев Алексей Алексеевич

Класс: 6

e-mail: mila-kostina@list.ru

Эссе или доклад на выбранную тему на иностранном языке:

                                    My hobby is LEGO construction.


  Hobbies differ like tastes. Somebody is fond of knitting, taking pictures, collecting. Other likes to make everything with his own hands. If we are fond of something our life becomes more interesting.

  As for me, I have got a hobby too. Very often a hobby helps people to choose their future occupation and train  the brain. I hope my hobby will help me too. Making models of buildings, cars, planes is very interesting for me. All the building blocks from which they composed, can be combined with each other. It takes me much patience to make different models. But I like to do it.

  I have a dream to become an architect. And I hope it will come true.   A person is lucky, if he or she can find a job similar to his or her hobby.


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