Мои увлечения - танцы и живопись

Информация об авторах:

МБОУ "Новониколаевская СОШ №1 им. А.Н. Левченко"


Руководители: Филатова Татьяна Фёдоровна, Левашова Галина Петровна

Автор работы: Трофимова Стефания Валерьевна, 11 класс

email: larisaclimenko@yandex.ru




Эссе или доклад на выбранную тему на иностранном языке:


Hello. My name is Stefania. I am 18 years old Russian girl born in Novonikolaevsky, Volgograd region, on February 27, 1996. I still live here in a big house with a nice garden. My family means a lot to me. My mum is my best friend. She always support me. She gives me advise when I need it.We support each other in different situations . My family is rather large. There are six of us: my mother, my father, my brother, my grandma, granddad and me. I am sure that my family is the best. Ispend much time with my relatives.

I am a pupil of the eleventh grade. My school is the best in our town.Ithas got a lot of interesting subjects and school clubs. We have many good teachers at our school. My daily school activities start at eight o’clock. Every day I have six or seven lessons. I try to be a good pupil and I do well in allsubjects. I like to learn about the literature, history and traditions of other countries. I am very busy and always short of time.

I have got a lot of friends . Many of them are my classmates.We spend much time together : go for a walk, talk about lessons ormusic . Very often we go to the disco, travel together to different interesting places like Moscow, Volgograd, Sochi and many others. I would feel absolutely lonely if I did not have friends.

All people are different and so they prefer spending their free time in different ways. I’m very enthusiastic. I like doing such activities as drawing, dancing, doing sports.

I am keen on sport. I want to be healthy and keep fit. I am a member of our school basketball team. It became the winner of many sport competitions.

When I was a child I drew everywhere. My mum noticed my interest she took me to the Town Art School which I then started attending. It has been five years already since I first went there, and now I’m really good at picturing objects. When I have free time I always draw. I like drawing things, painting and colouring. Sometimes I create decorative compositions, large in scale and bright in colour. I am fond of nature. It lets me paint landscapes, sea pictures. I like watercolours. I depict things that have impressed me deeply: beautiful flowers, poetic landscapes, ancient ruins. I have got many portraits of my friends.

I cannot imagine myself withoutdancing. I have been dancing since I was 8. I dance different kinds of dances: classic, folk and sport. My dancig group’s name is “ Fantazyory”. We travelled with our folk group to the international festival Maxima, which left a lot of impressions, memories. When we arrived home, we long bored about the atmosphere, about the holiday. These were unforgettable 3 days!    Before going on a stage, you feel excitement. Crowds of people are watching your every movement. And it is a true happiness. But once the music starts to play, once there is a great desire to come out and show to all that you are capable.

This year I am going to enter the University after I leave my school. I would like to study in Moscow. This city gives o lot of opportunities for my future career. My dream is to beсоme a designer of advertisement. I hope my dream will come true.


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