Sport is my hobby

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Муниципальное образовательное учреждение гимназия №14 г.Волгограда

Лобанова Анна Петровна

Тульский Денис Алекcандрович

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Sport is my hobby.

There are many hobbies in the world, but most of all I like sports. Many people like sports. They do morning exercises, jog in the mornings or train in different clubs, take part in different sports competitions. Other people like sport too but they only watch sports games and listen to sports news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen but they don’t go in for sports.

Physical Education is an important subject at school. We have PE lessons three times a week. There is a big sports ground near our school where we can play football and run. Boys and girls can play volleyball and basketball at the lessons. A lot of different competitions are held at schools and a great number of pupils take part in them. All participants try to get good results and win.

I do acrobatics.It is my favourite sport and it is popular among young and old people.I go to the stadium and train three hours every day. I am very tired but I fell wonderful. I am active and full of energy. Training is the fight with yourself, your character, laziness, genetics and life circumstances.

I think everybody has to go in for sports. Sports helps us to be healthy. If you go in for sports you won't get sick. Sport is very important to us. Doing different sports wekeep fit, become more organized and better disciplined in daily life.

In future I want to become a famous acrobat and participate in competitions winning the first prizes.



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