Hobbies in my life

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Муниципальное образовательное учреждение гимназия №14 г. Волгограда

Лобанова Анна Петровна

Никитин Степан Алексеевич


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My hobbies.

There are a lot of hobbies in the world: sports, singing, dancing, gardening, cooking, reading, photography and so on. Sometimes we can call it a past time. Our hobbies can help us to rest from our problems and daily life. As for me I think my hobbies can help me in my future career and social life. That's why I want to tell you about some of my hobbies.

I'm fond of 3D puzzles. This hobby is popular in many countries all over the world. These models are not toys. I make real models without glue and scissors. I collect flat pieces of paper into 3D models and they look like the real things. I learn more about many interesting historical buildings and maybe I'll become an architect. It will be my future job. My first 3D puzzle was hotel Burj Al Arab. It is the highest hotel in the world and it is in the sea on the handmade island. There are 100 pieces in this model. I have the models of Big Ben, the Bolshoi Theater.

Our family like animals very much. Many families keep cats and dogs as pets. My cat Marusya and the dog Billy are real members of our family. They are very nice, clever and we are good friends. Marusya does only what she wants. Our Billy is without fur that's why he likes to sleep in my bed. I don't understand how people can live without pets.

My new hobby is the collection of the Secrets of the Egyptian Gods. It tells us about the culture of ancient Egypt. Each magazine has a statue of God and has much information about that time.

Besides I collect Coins of Great Empires. It was very interesting to start my collection. Now I have many different coins which are made from real metal and have full-size.

I have got a collection of paintings. The walls of our house are decorated with paintings of De Vinci - ''Mona Liza'', Raphael – ''Sistine Madonna'', Serov – '' The Girl with Peaches'', Polenov – ''Grandmother's garden'', Rembrandt – ''Night Watch''. I think collecting of paintings can help us to understand the great art of famous artists, the beauty of our world.

My life became more interesting and exciting when I started doing my favourite things. My hobbies help me to study at school and know more about the world around me.




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