My hobbies, my interests - are the way of my self-education

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МБОУ СОШ № 30 им. Медведева С.Р., г. Волжский

Сластя Наталья Николаевна

Шамшина Татьяна Евгеньевна

10 класс

Эссе или доклад на выбранную тему на иностранном языке:

Everybody has his own hobbies. Some people adore active lifestyle and that’s why they choose sports, others love to take photos, or collect different things. But as for me, I mad of music. I like not only to listen to it, but sing too, accompany myself on the guitar. Art classes help me to change my life and character. Owing to the music I became calmer, more lenient, hardworking and assiduous. Every time, when it’s too lazy to rehearse, you make yourself do it, when everything goes wrong, and you let down, something inside forbid you to stop and say: “Let’s go! You’ll make it!”  And then you pull yourself together, grit your teeth and go towards the aim: confidently and bravely. The result will not keep waiting. In the next competition you get the prize and the main award – recognition of listeners, appraisal of proceedings and diligences. Music lessons increase the confidence in me and serve as a stimulus for the development. Besides, all me favorite songs are in English. By learning their texts, I find new words and word combinations that enrich my idiolect. It will help me in the future, because I want to connect my work and life with foreign languages.

But my hobbies don’t limit with music. As I become older, I notice, that usual woman’s occupations arouse the interest in me (I don’t mean shopping, though I love it too). Of late, I’m fond of cooking. The kitchen is not only the place where the family gathers to grab a bite, but a paradise. How gratefully is to create dishes, experiment with flavorings and ingredients! The real pleasure is to cook habitual for Russians borsch, refined croissants or unusual and delicious oriental sweets. I’m waiting for holidays to surprise relatives with my culinary mastery. I’m sure that these skills will positively affect on my domestic life.

Fortunately, in the 21-st century sports become more and more popular. Not only boys, but girls too join fitness centres, where they work even harder than representatives of the sterner sex. Basically, people go there to get a good body as everyone wants to look wonderful, especially in the summertime. Doing fitness, we get not only sporty look, but a strong health. Unfortunately, I cannot brag of the good achievements, though I work heartily in this way. Almost every morning I begin with exercises. It helps to buck up myself before a school day.

To sum up, I have to say that every person should have his hobby, and better more than one. But the main thing we must know – the hobby should bring the joy and profit to us.


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